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Welcome to my Blog April 23, 2009

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for reading, sharing, and supporting the Now I’m Reading! series (along with my other books) over the past nine years! Since we published the first book, the Now I’m Reading! series has helped teach almost three million children how to read. How amazing is that? That’s three million kids who’ve mastered the essential first step in their education and three million kids who can begin a lifelong adventure in books.

Nearly every day I get letters from parents, teachers, and librarians telling me how these books have helped change kids’ lives. It’s so inspiring to hear about how a child has not only learned to read, but come to LOVE reading. To me, that’s the key: It’s not just about promoting literacy, it’s about growing a new generation of passionate, confident, independent readers.

And that’s why I am excited to launch my new blog — http://www.nowimreading.wordpress.com. As you know, learning to read is a process. There are challenges at every step along the way. My hope is that this blog can be a resource for anyone teaching a child how to read. It’ll have downloadable activities, proven strategies, and valuable tips. And I hope it’ll become a community of people like yourself, who take their child’s education seriously and want to share their experiences.

So when you have the time, please stop by. I’ll be writing regularly and would LOVE to hear from you. There’s a reason we named the series what we did – because there’s nothing more gratifying than hearing your child tell you, “Now I’m reading!”

Nora Gaydos



1. keciam - April 24, 2009

Love your site. What a great idea.
I am so grateful for this series. All 3 of my kids have learned to read thanks to these amazing little books. My 5 year old is obsessed with the pre-reader series. Begging me (yes, it’s true) to read to me (that’s a nice change) every night before bed. while we’ve tried other books, i am always amazed how simple and rewarding these books are for my kids. I love the fact that they stick to the basic sight words and don’t overwhelm the early reader. kudos to you. thanks, nora!

2. gdwna - May 5, 2009

I have to say the Now I’m Reading series really boosted my children’s reading skills. They loved the stories and felt so proud that they could read an entire book to me all by themselves. The neat thing about the books is that they are appealing to different types of readers. My son was all about phonics and sounding out words. My daughter was more of a “whole language” type reader. They both loved the great little stories and looked forward to moving on to the next set of books. I have passed them on to friends as well. Your games are great too Nora! We look forward to your new releases.

3. erbuse - May 5, 2009

We absolutely love the Now I’m Reading Series! My 3 children all learned to read in very different ways, and this series helped each of them become better readers. It was especially helpful to my son, who was a struggling early reader. The phonics, combined with the wonderful illustrations and simple rhyming stories gave him the confidence to read! We can’t wait to try the Read It, Write It, Draw It Series as the childrens’ skills advance. Thank you for sharing your amazing skills with us all!!

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