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May 23, 2009

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

Tip #2:  Make books accessible and organized!

 Creating a place in your home where children can easily see and select books can really motivate them to want to read!  By coming up with a system for organizing your books, you will undoubtedly make it easier for your child to see his choices and select the right book.  Some possibilities for organizing books include:

  • By Level
  • By Author
  • By Genre (This works well with chapter books for intermediate readers.  Examples – fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, mystery, biography, poetry, etc.)
  • By Subject (This system could be used for younger kids who are reading or listening to picture books. Examples – animal books, science books, sports books, friendship books, humorous books.)

Another idea that will invite your child to read at home is making books accessible!  This simply means placing books where kids can SEE what is there and REACH them on their own.  For my six year old son, baskets work very well.  I organize books into baskets that line the floor or a low bookshelf.  Here, he can sift through the books easily and make his selection.  One basket that I always have for him is a “just right” book basket.  This is a basket of books that are just right for his reading level and that he can read independently!!  For my nine year old, I use the genre system of organization.  The chapter books are also accessible because they are placed on a bookshelf (at his height level) with the spines facing out.  He can easily peruse the books in the genre he wants to read and then make his selection. 

 One final idea that has worked very well for my boys involves rotating the books on display.  Sometimes, having many books out at one time can be overwhelming for a child, and as a result, they can’t decide what to pick.  So, by simply rotating your books every month, your child will have fresh, new choices and they will look at your old books as if they are brand new.  (This idea works equally well with the public library.  If you do not have a large supply of books at home, you can check out a pile each month, place them in your baskets and then introduce new titles the next month!)

 Making books accessible and organized allows children to choose books independently and increases their desire to read!



1. courtclark - May 29, 2009

I’m a long-time fan of the Now I’m Reading series and just discovered your website! Your books were the first my kids read “on their own”, and they still revisit favorite stories. Your recent blog entry inspired me to reorganize our home library and my 3 boys have had a great time rediscovering books they haven’t picked up in a while. What a great tip! Keep up the good work!

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