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July 11, 2009

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

Tip #8:  Take Turns Reading!

 This tip is especially effective with emergent readers and struggling readers.  When you take turns reading, you build reading stamina and fluency.  You also take away some of the pressure a young reader feels when faced with a whole entire book.  Even if it looks like a small book to you, your child might see it as a giant hurdle – and one that they don’t want to attempt.  By taking turns – your child might just think he or she is hardly reading, when in fact he will end up reading faster and complete more books!!  When I read with my six year old, we often take turns reading.  He reads a page, and then I read a page, etc.  Not only does this keep him fresh and on the edge of his seat waiting for his turn, but it also allows me to model reading with expression and intonation. 

 Another great way to take turns reading is with plays.  This is really fun because each of you can take on one or two roles and it is much less overwhelming for your child because he only reads one or two sentences at a time!  I recently completed two new books that will be coming out soon!  They are part of the Now I’m Reading Series and they are simple plays with individual scripts included!!  I had a blast trying these out with my own boys.  They loved picking their roles and taking turns reading!!

 Taking turns with reading is also fun for stronger readers.  With my 9 year old son, we like to experiment with poetry readings.  First, we find a poem we like.  Then, we decide how we want to “break up the parts”.  For example, we may take turns reading “sentences” or “lines” or even “words”!  This can be challenging and hilarious too.


Best of all, taking turns reading can simply spice up your child’s reading life.  Sometimes, just changing your routine or introducing something new can change your child’s attitude about reading.



1. KWiz - November 11, 2009

When will you complete the plays? This sounds so exciting, because my daughter and I love to read together. We alternate pages now, and it would be great to be able to do this with a play (she actually “performed” in a play this past year in her pre-k class – Caps For Sale!). She is a true drama queen!!!

Nora - November 14, 2009

Thank you for your message! The first two Now I’m Reading Plays are coming out this winter. They are great for beginning and developing readers. They will help build fluency and expression in your little reader. And the masks are really fun too! I hope you enjoy them.

Nora Gaydos

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