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August 16, 2009

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

Tip #13:  Reading in the Dark!

 Something scary?  No way! 

Something fun and different?  Yes, definitely!

This idea is one of many ways that I have tried, as a mom, to make reading fun!    There are two ways that my boys and I “read in the dark”.

  1. Reading Words in the Dark:  Once in a while, I will remove the words from my six year old’s word wall and hang them up on the walls of his bedroom before going to sleep.  Then, as we sit side by side in his bed, he uses a flashlight to FIND and READ the words!!  With my nine year old, I will hang interesting vocabulary words on his bedroom walls.  And, during the school year, I hang up his weekly spelling words!  After he finds and reads a spelling word, he has to turn the flashlight off and spell the word out loud!
  2. Reading Books in the Dark:  Turning off the lights and using a flashlight to read independently is a forgotten pleasure.  My nine year old not only loves to do this, but he says it helps him think about what he’s reading even more than with the lights on.  Perhaps the distractions are fewer, or the focus is more.  But either way, it just seems to be a motivating way to add a bit of interest to reading.  For younger children, it is fun to read books in the dark together.  With my six year old, I read aloud to him and he holds the flashlight!

 Sometimes, a little novelty goes a long way.



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