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August 23, 2009

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

Tip #14:  Turn your Word Wall into a Dart Board!

 This idea came to me one day while I was sitting in the family room with my son, Owen.  He was four years old at the time and we had an established word wall (a magnetic board that hung on the wall) in that room.  I was about to ask Owen to read me the words on his wall, when he got up to throw foam darts at a little soft dart board that we also had hanging on the wall.  Well, knowing that Owen is a very active and “sporty” boy, I knew I had just thought of the perfect idea for him!  I simply found magnetic darts and gave them to Owen.  Now for two years, as the words on his wall have changed and grown, he has continued to love throwing the magnetic darts at the word wall and reading the words they land on!!

 Sometimes I simply stand beside the word wall and retrieve the darts for Owen as he throws and reads.  Other times, we give each word on the wall a point value and then add up the points for the words that the darts land on.  There are lots of different ways to vary this hands-on game…but no matter how you play, it is sure to score a bulls-eye with your active reader!  Owen constantly asks to throw darts at his word wall!  It truly makes reading words fun and interactive.



1. Bonnie Brenner - September 17, 2009

Hi Nora,
I love your website and ideas. Your mom keeps me posted. I know it must be thrilling to be back in the classroom. How lucky those youngsters are.
Although I’ve been retired for 7 years, I volunteer once a week helping first graders that need reading support, and..in the very building and classroom in which I started, 34 years ago.

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