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October 12, 2009

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

Tip #16:  “Tape” your child READING!

 This tip is sure to be a hit for the whole family!  In the past, I have video-taped my sons reading aloud!  The first time I did it, they loved the concept, but they were not impressed by the results.  Watching and hearing themselves on T.V. was incredibly eye-opening for them.  In fact, I was amazed at how critical they were of their own reading!  As a result, they greatly improved both their fluency and their expression the next times they were “filmed”. 

 In my experience, video-taping your child reading, or even tape recording their reading can significantly improve their overall voice as a reader!  And now, after a number of individual tapings, my boys read and act out poems and picture books together in front of the camera!  Not only do they get a lot of reading “practice” in preparation for the filming, but they gain confidence and enthusiasm as readers when they view themselves on the screen!!



1. Miah - October 16, 2009

Hello! I know you are very busy, but I have a quick question. First of all I just have to thank you for your reading books. My son knows how to read but is very reluctant. Even though he is not thrilled with reading, he giggles through your books. Thank you! Okay for the question…I found a set of five hard back books that had two stories in each book. It is the level one set and I was going to get the other levels but have been unable to find them in the same set. I enjoy the hard backs, especially since they will be going through three children. Please let me know when you have time! Thank you, Miah

Nora - October 31, 2009


Thank you for your comments about the series. Unfortunately, the hard bound books are not yet sold at retail. They are currently sold to libraries, so you should be able to find them there! Thank you again for your interest. I wish your son the very best in his reading.

Nora Gaydos

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