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February 19, 2010

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

Tip #20:  Musical Syllables!

Listening carefully to the sounds within words will help your child learn to read and write.  Help your child hear the distinct syllables in a given word by adding a musical touch.  First, model where syllables break by using your voice or by clapping.  This will introduce your child to the sounds within words.  Then, using drums, a piano, a xylophone, or any other musical instrument, “play aloud” the syllables in a given word!  For example, say the word “sandwich” to your child.  Then, clap or “play” the two distinct beats (or syllables) in that word.  After that, have your child clap or “play” the syllables in a new word!

More fun with SYLLABLES:

  •  Count the syllables in the names of your favorite foods, favorite colors, or the names of your friends.  Do it by clapping, playing an instrument or slapping your knee!
  • Get some exercise while counting syllables!  Say a word and then “jump” the beats (or syllables).  You can also hop on one foot, do jumping jacks, or kick!
  • Sort the syllables!  Gather toys or magazine pictures.  Label shoeboxes with 1, 2 or 3+.  Clap each word and then sort it by the number of syllables into the correct box.

1:  cup, ball, shoe

2:  robot, football, Lego

3+:  helicopter, dominoes, banana



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