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August 3, 2010

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written…but that’s all going to change.  I am constantly thinking about ways to motivate kids to read and write.  I am always inventing and trying new reading and writing games and strategies with my own boys!  Now, I just need to write about all of them.

Today I had a realization about the Now I’m Reading books.  The levels three and four, which cover more challenging phonics skills and word skills need a proper introduction.  Each of these books covers a specific reading skill that is vital to understanding words and gaining fluency as a reader.  These books are meant to introduce each specific skill and give children practice through repetition of that skill throughout the book.    As a parent, you can do this easily by looking at each book as a mini reading lesson for your child!  For example, in the level 3 story Ty in the Sky, the skill being taught is Y as a vowel: y says i.  Once you know this, you can talk about that skill with your child and reinforce it throughout the book as you read!  Then, as your child gains an understanding of this skill, you can look through other books in search of more “y says i” words. Likewise, in the level four set, one of books is called The Campsite.  This book teaches children to recognize and read compound words.  In fact, there are more than 15 compound words in this little ten page book.  After reading this book a few times, your child will be eager to hunt for compound words in all the books on your shelves.  The books in level three and four are overflowing with skills that we as parents CAN introduce and teach to our children.  All you need to do with these or any books you read with your children is look at the words and story through the eyes of a teacher. Ask yourself: what skill or skills can I pull from this book in order to enrich the reading experience for my child.  The level 3 and 4 books, as well as every other book on your shelf, has a little lesson inside…waiting to be taught.



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