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August 4, 2010

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

Today I had the opportunity to try out the Now I’m Reading Plays: The Three Pigs and Cinderella.  My son, Owen, who is going into second grade had a few friends over this afternoon.  The three boys plus my older son, Luke, and myself read the scripts and acted out the two plays!  It was hilarious.  At first I thought the boys might not want to read on a playdate, but as they read their parts, they grew more and more expressive.  The whole experience for them became less about reading and more about acting and FUN!  The masks were also a big hit.  We started with The Three Pigs and had to perform it a few times so that they could each try different parts!  Then, when I suggested trying Cinderella, they were all into it!  In fact, they were a riot.  The coolest thing was that their reading inhibitions took a backseat to the fun of readers’ theater! 

I can’t wait to hear how all of you are using the plays at home or at school!



1. multitaskermama - August 7, 2010

Hi Nora,

Yes you are right, these plays are terrific. I just bought cinderella for my daughter to use as a family read out loud after dinner on Friday nights but before we could use them my daughter opened up the box and took out each script and put on each mask and began to act out the entire play herself. I could not believe she was having so much fun. Her teacher said she needed to work on reading out loud with intonation – I think we found the product to do just that. Thank you! I can;t wait to use these with her next play date – what a great idea.

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