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Silent reading August 17, 2010

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

Yesterday, my seven year old son Owen, made a great breakthrough in reading! I was working at the computer and I knew he was in the other room…but it was very quiet.  I wondered what he was doing, but I enjoyed the peaceful silence and I didn’t dare rock the boat. About ten minutes later, he came over to me holding a book. “I just read this whole book in my head, ” he said.  (He had a huge grin on his face.)  I was thrilled.  Before this time, Owen always wanted to read out loud to someone. He didn’t “get” that reading could be done silently on his own. He sees the rest of his family reading that way, but he just hadn’t reached that stage and that comfort level with himself as a reader.  But now he did!!  Oh, and when I asked him a few questions about the book, he answered them pretty well, and he even looked back into the book to show me his favorite part.  What an exciting milestone!! 

Feel free to share your child’s reading milestones…I can’t wait to hear!



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