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Hmmmm…. August 21, 2010

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

Last night I was up thinking about the series title – Now I’m Reading.  What does that title make you think when you read it? I have always thought of it as – “Hooray!  Now that I have these books, I can read!!!”  But, I wonder if parents see the title and think – “I’m already reading.  I am a reader!”  It’s funny when you think about the two interpretations.  They are quite different and I wonder if the words Now I’m Reading, in this case, are misleading.  Hmmmm.



1. Anna - September 6, 2010

HI, Nora. I just bought your books today for Kindergartener. He is just learning to read so I actually was drawn to your books by the title and of cours the packaging. We sat down and read the first two in the Animal Antics series. He was very excited to place stickers in each book after he was done reading. I don’t know why but I felt prompted to look you up and let you know how much I love these books already. I have a degree in Child Development and I have 5 young kids myself. My kindergartener is number 4 and is our only boy. His older 3 sisters were very easy to teach and I had them reading chapter books before they entered Kindergarten and two are in the gifted program. I always heard boys were different but it did not hit home until I was struggling trying to teach him to read. Everything is finally clicking with him and he is finally interested in learning. Especially now that we have some new cool books with stickers. :-)Thanks for coming up with such clever books to inpire our young readers.

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