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Share your own writing! October 11, 2010

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

You wouldn’t believe the energy, the questioning and the motivation that stems from me sharing my writer’s notebook with my fourth graders. Almost every day, I read an entry from my personal notebook aloud to them. I believe that children need to see and hear models of writing in order to grow as writers themselves. Of course, they do experience good writing models when they read or hear picture books, poetry and novels.  But, if we as parents and teachers can share our own writing, we will encourage children to write with a quality that is real and heartfelt.

Try to find the time to write with your children. Share a thought, a wondering, a memory, an observation, or just a silly story that pops into your mind. Then, ask your child’s advice on what to “add” or “change” to make your piece of writing even better.  When the students in my class write, I write along with them. When the students share their writing aloud, I do the same. They see me make mistakes and they help correct those mistakes too. Writers of all ages need powerful role models.   We all kept journals and diaries as kids. Now’s the time to dust off your pen and paper and let the creativity flow.

Let me know if you need more ideas for writing activities at home!!



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