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Vocabulary – a key to reading October 20, 2010

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This year in my fourth grade classroom, one of my goals is vocabulary development. I am a huge believer that children should be exposed to interesting and precise vocabulary rather than the watered down word that we think they’ll understand. Reading helps develop a larger vocabulary. When a reader encounters a new word he should stop, find the meaning of the word and record it. By recording the word, the reader takes ownership of understanding that word and using it in his daily language and writing.

I love using index cards for collecting vocabulary words. Even at home, when your child encounters a new word, he can write the word on the card followed by its dictionary definition. Then, you can keep the cards in an index card file box or punch a hole in the corner of the cards and keep them together with a ring fastener.  Once you compile a stack of fascinating new words, you can use them to play word games, create sentences, or simply knock the socks off of the grandparents at Thanksgiving.

* Just tonight…

My second grader referred to an event at school as “dramatic“.  Then, he said that a part in the book he was reading was “breathtaking“.  And if that’s not enough, he told me that a particular boy at school was his “nemesis“.

My work is done for the night!!



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