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Fun with Food and the Alphabet January 7, 2011

Posted by Nora in Uncategorized.

My boys and I are home from school today! It’s a snow day here in Connecticut. And let it be said that TEACHERS love snow days just as much as kids do.

Here’s a tasty idea that came to me while sifting through the food pantry. This is sure to help your beginning reader learn the alphabet and the letter sounds:

Over the course of many weeks, introduce your child to a variety of taste experiences related to the letters of the alphabet. By using his or her sense of taste while hearing food words, your child will experience a meaningful association between each letter of the alphabet and its sound. Here are a few suggestions: A – apples, apricots, avocado; B – bagels, blueberries, bologna, butter; C – caramel, cucumber, cantalope.

Not only will it be fun to eat the alphabet foods, but it will help your child “remember” the letters and sounds when they have something concrete and tasty to associate it with.



1. TRINA TARATSAS - February 28, 2011

Hi Nora,
I love your books. They have my 5 year old really excited about reading. In addition to the sticker rewards for reading each book 4 times we offer a trip for ice cream once she completes all the books in the set, such as Clever Critters….she loves it! My only suggestion is I would love to have some sort of sticker that can be placed in the front (where you put the book stickers) along with additional book stickers so that I can put one big blank white sticker over my daughters stickers and then I can use stickers again with her younger brother. Maybe a set can be made for purchase?

Nora Gaydos - March 7, 2011

Thanks so much for your comments! I am thrilled that your daughter is becoming a reader! You can contact the publisher, Innovative Kids, for more stickers if needed. Your suggestion is one that we are considering. Thanks again and enjoy the books!!
Nora Gaydos

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