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Now I’m Reading!™ – Beginner Reading Series

The Now I'm Reading Series

For Ages 3-7 $16.99

Each book includes 10 individual storybooks, 40 incentive stickers, and a Parent/Teacher Guide.

What the Now I’m Reading!™ books offer:

A phonics approach to reading: Phonics is the use of letter sound relationships to help youngsters identify written words. The major purpose of learning phonics is to know how to translate a word’s written form to its spoken form. The phonics approach helps children expand their vocabularies, which strengthens their reading comprehension.

A whole-language approach: Each separate book offers a complete plot line, with a beginning, a middle, and an end, which helps develop a child’s understanding of “story”. The humorous text and lovable characters encourage your child to retell the story in his or her own words. Reading aloud to your child is also recommended, and will help foster a love of language.

Ten engaging stories in each book: Stories about animals or high-interest topics, which allow kids to practice key skills while developing a love of reading.

Simple, repetitive text that uses the same words throughout a given story to provide the reading practice and the self-confidence your child needs to become a successful reader.

A building-block pattern, in which each story begins with a few words and progresses, a word or two at a time, to phrases, then to short sentences, and finally to longer sentences towards the end of each book.

An appropriate, organized sequence of skills, including consonants, short vowels, consonant blends, consonant digraphs, long vowels, long and short vowels together, word endings, and sight words. You will find the particular skills, blends, endings and sight words contained in the story listed on the inside back cover of that book.

Colorful, fun-filled, detailed illustrations.


Now I’m Reading!™ – Read it Write it Draw it


For Ages 4-7

What the Now I’m Reading! Read it Write it Draw it series offers:

The Read it Write itDraw it Series encourages kids to grow as readers while simultaneously improving their writing skills and inspiring their creativity to draw! By asking kids to first read a story, then to write it out, and finally to draw it; the series allows kids to use both sides of their brains to reinforce critical early learning literacy skills.

The Read it Write it Draw it series engages kids in an entertaining and thoroughly hands-on reading, writing and drawing experience that lets kids exercise their imaginations as they practice reading fluency and comprehension skills.


Now I’m Reading!™ – Games

For Ages 4-7 • $9.99

What the Now I’m Reading! Games offer:

The Now I’m Reading! Games bring together the joy of playing classic games and the excitement of learning.  Each hands-on, interactive set teaches and builds essential reading- and math-readiness skills. The unique combination of book and game will provide children with endless opportunities for skill-based learning, creative discovery, and fun! They compliment the original Now I’m Reading Series by allowing a break from traditional reading to discovery-based, hands-on “learning through play”!

Now I’m Reading!™ Plays

For Ages 5 and up • $16.99

Nora Gaydos brings her easy-to-read style to classic tales in these brand-new plays! A 24-page storybook, five play scripts, and four character masks encourage kids to read by performing in their own dramatic versions of favorite fairy tales. Leveled and formatted to improve fluency and comprehension, Now I’m Reading!Plays make every kid a reading star!

Now I’m Reading!™ Flashcards

For Ages 3-7 • $9.99

A whole new world of flashcards from Nora Gaydos, award-winning author and teacher, Slide, See & Say combines the best of flashcards and phonics into an interactive reading experience for kids! A unique flashcard slider reveals each word gradually so kids can sound it out letter by letter. Simple picture icons under each letter remind beginning readers of the sound each letter makes. Using this phonics method, children will learn to connect each letter to the sound it makes. Then, they can use those sounds to decode words. They can learn to read!

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