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child reading animal antics“My daughter is in Kindergarten and has just started reading. I wish you could have seen how proud she was when she completed her first Now I’m Reading, Animal Antics book. She felt SO big. We wrote her name and the date she read the entire book by herself and added the sticker! Of course now she has read them all. I’m so proud of her. Now she’s not afraid to take on more difficult material. Your products are fantastic.”
Thank you,
Kristen W., parent

“I recently purchased 2 sets of this series and am thrilled with them. I have recommended the books to other mothers in my sons kindergarten class. This is the first early reading series that my son has taken interest in and enjoyed. I will definitely continue to purchase these books.”
-Michele, parent

“…[children] will be able to unlock the mysteries that lie between the covers of books. It takes just the right tools to blossom. The Now I’m Reading! Series…is a step in the right direction…Perhaps the most salient feature of [Animal Antics] is its blend of sound research and clever storylines. In fact, the books have been endorsed by the current president of the International Reading Association…This is not your old stick-in-the mud rendition of early reader exercises…Each story has its own plot from start to finish so children acquire a sense of reading a complete tale. A parent guide offers practical, but not overwhelming tips on using the books. And since children love incentives, character stickers are bound into the guide to celebrate success! Skills are reinforced through:

* Use of repetitive text to help develop fluency,
* An organized sequential phonics approach,
* A building block pattern in which each story begins with two words and progresses, a word or two at a time, to phrases and longer sentences, and
* Enhancement activities at the back of each storybook that extend the reading and offer ways to further develop your child’s ability to use words in oral language.”

– Susan R.

“I bought both of these for my granddaughter (age 6) as she was just beginning to read in the first grade. Her teacher felt that she needed the confidence that reading out loud would provide. These tow series were THE BEST I have ever seen. We had tried other beginning reader books but none compare to Animal Antics and Amazing Animals they are fun to read, provide just the right challenge and give the child a sense of progressing with each story. Now, my granddaughter is reading very well.”
– Sandy W., grandmother

“Just wanted to let you know that I think that your new series is wonderful. I order books for the library I work at and am always on the lookout for “good” phonic based books. I find very few that I would truly call phonic books. The only other ones I consider phonic books are the Bob Books. Do you plan to put out more sets for each level? I sure hope so since some children stay in the beginning phonic stage longer.”
– Elizabeth A., librarian

“What a great set of books! The focus on short vowel sounds and amusing stories helps the beginning reader master a skill and have fun at the same time. Wow, just what we were looking for.”
– A mom from Basking Ridge, NJ

“My son can read! We’ve tried it all, and this has finally got him excited. Tonight he just completed book #5. We’ve had the books go about 2 weeks and every night he’ll ask if he can do his book to get another sticker. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to get the next set. Do they begin to introduce long vowel sounds? Thanks”
– Tracy, parent

“Perfect first readers, from the packaging to the great illustrations. The progressive organization of the phonetic skills is perfect for those starting to read.”
– Nancy T., bookstore owner

Beginning to read? try Now I’m Reading, a great series to help kids learn early reading (ages 4 – 5).”

– Mary Ann, Great Kid Books blog

innovativeKids’ hands-on, minds-on Now I’m Reading! series has been an important asset to my special education classroom…Unlike many other leveled reading series, Now I’m Reading!, focuses on one or two spelling patterns at a time.  I would highly recommend this series to any special educators teaching remedial reading programs.”

– Jacqueline, special educator

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